the 10 best travel photos of the week

Today, we are highlighting ten of the most AMAZING travel photos that have been shared on Twitter this week. From jaw-dropping perspectives to unbelievable landscapes and photos that will give you a major case of #wanderlust- these ten incredible shots will make you want to pack your bags, grab a camera and hit the road. Many […]

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A wellness holiday in Ubud, Bali

Ever growing in popularity, Ubud is a lush and culturally rich paradise that oozes tranquillity and tropical allure. Along with a host of quality restaurants and cafés, Ubud is home to a creative arts scene that draws local and international artists to its doorstep. However, before Ubud became known as a popular holiday destination or […]

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Sunset in mexican canyon

5 incredible places in America you don’t know…yet

Everyone knows New York City, Los Angeles and Miami – but where do you go if you’re looking for an American getaway that’s just that, getting away? Getting away from the crowds, the tourist traps and the sky-high prices that are usually a necessary evil of America’s most popular cities and attractions. If you’re looking […]

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Kyoto, Japan

The 10 Most Beautiful Autumn Landscapes

Autumn, the transition between Summer and Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere it begins in September and in the Southern hemisphere it begins in March. This beautiful season is a favourite for many people, the temperatures begin to drop, there are plenty of clear, crisp mornings and best of all the trees are full of stunning colours, different shades […]

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Adirondack Beach Chairs on a Sun Beach in front of a Holiday Vac

Florida’s 5 best resort towns

Aptly named the ‘Sunshine State’, Florida has been a refuge for travellers escaping colder climates since the early 1900’s when Henry Flagler completed the Florida East Coast Railroad, which led many weather weary northerners to Florida’s golden shores. Fast-forward to present day and Florida’s claim on sun-drenched beach holidays is as strong as ever, with […]

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emily luxton prof pic 3

The Traveller Post: Emily Luxton

Back in June, we began The Traveller Post, a special edition blog series that is dedicated to people who love travel just as much as we do. Click here and you can check out our first Traveller Post where we highlighted the South African couple who captures their round the world travels in stunning imagery […]

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7 reasons why Scandinavians are the happiest

Scandinavia is the mystical sounding name for the collection of northern European countries made up by Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Despite dealing with frigid arctic temperatures and months of darkness, it turns out that Scandinavians are pretty darn happy. The secret of Scandinavian happiness got out after several international studies (Prosperity Index, released in 2010 […]

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raw beef sausages on a cast-iron pan,  selective focus

Street Eats: Pretoria

For many visitors to South Africa, Johannesburg and Cape Town are two top destinations, but locals know that Pretoria has its share of low-key charms. Pretoria is also referred to as the “Jacaranda City,’ because of its violet-blooming Jacaranda trees that paint the city purple every year. The city has a wealth of natural, historical […]

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Piggy bank with dollar banknotes, sunglasses on a sand. Holiday money concept

Expensive vs Cheap: The Real Cost of a Holiday in Europe

Our original Expensive Vs. Cheap article (found here!) was a favourite post for our readers, so we wanted to dig deeper and give you even more prices from across the world.  Therefore, we have split up every continent and researched two cities in each country. This article is the first in that series exploring everything that Europe has […]

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Kynance Cove

3 UK getaways you should know about

Just because the summer season is winding down doesn’t mean our travels have to. When you need a clean break from the hustle of everyday life, but don’t have the time (or money) to go abroad, there are plenty of unique places to explore within the U.K. We’ve highlighted three beautiful English destinations that are sure […]

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Image: Trover

7 reasons to visit Iceland this year

These days it seems like everyone has gone to Iceland, or know someone who has. Once an obscure idea for a holiday destination, Iceland has soared to the top of travel bucket-lists everywhere over the past several years. While its popularity has grown, Iceland remains as true to itself as ever and doesn’t show any […]

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Red Rocks sunset

Blissful holidays for health and wellness : Arizona

It’s no secret, travel is good for us. Studies have shown that travel can have a positive affect on our personal health and well-being. A holiday can help relieve everything from stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and even poor memory. Taking time away from work and the daily pressures of everyday life is an instant […]

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Pretty Clafoutis, photo credit to Chocolate and Zucchini

10 International desserts you need to try now

Without a doubt one of the greatest parts of travel is experiencing a new culture and one of the most fun ways to do that is enjoying its cuisine. Delighting our tastebuds with new spices, flavours and completely new foods, makes travelling exciting, adventurous and yes, incredibly delicious. But when you don’t have an overseas […]

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The Traveller Post: An American in Johannesburg

Here at hoppa, we love hearing tips, stories and advice from savvy world travellers. Whether they are professional travel bloggers like Chanel and Stevo of How Far from Home who we recently featured here, or those people like Tyler Walton who incorporate travel into their lives’ while pursuing life’s other adventures. Tyler was kind enough […]

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rio olympics photo

The Ancient Origins of the Olympics

Every four years, the world’s best athletes gather to compete and represent their nations in the greatest sporting event on Earth, the Olympic Games. Steeped in history, glory, and at times, controversy, the modern Olympics are a testament to the unifying  power of sport, and the timeless thrill of competition. During the 20th and 21st centuries, the Olympics evolved rapidly, […]

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Digital SLR Camera with Wide Angle Lens. Digital Photography Concept.

WATCH: The Evolution of the Travel Photograph

We often take the privilege of spontaneously capturing a moment for granted; from carrying a phone that takes pictures to sharing them across the globe in moments – technology has advanced beyond anything we could have ever imagined. At hoppa, our favourite opportunity to snap those special memories is on holiday, and being the curious […]

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Honeymoon Dinner

Top Honeymoon Resorts

After the ring and the heartfelt ‘Yes!’ comes all the excitement of planning the big day. Every detail matters, from the flowers to the invitations, the venue and catering, it can become quite stressful as many brides would probably agree. And if all that isn’t enough, you have to arrange your honeymoon too. This is one of the […]

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