Old Havana, Cuba

Colourful Streets and Towns

There are some impressive landscapes around the world. A colourful town or building always stands out and creates picturesque views, they truly are beautiful, so beautiful we felt we had to share some of our favourites. As the weather begins to warm up, there’s more opportunities to explore and discover new places, if you’ve ever […]

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Easter eggs

International Easter Ideas

Here at hoppa, we’re always trying to find a more international angle to our favourite holidays. We deal with a lot of people from across the world, so we like to incorporate that same spirit into times of celebration. We’ve been looking for a good excuse to learn something new about our global neighbours, so […]

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Best Babymoon Breaks

The last trip before your first baby arrives, mums-to be (and dads) heading off on holiday for a ‘babymoon’ is quickly becoming something of a trend. Transitioning to parenthood can be a scary and stressful time, so, it’s important to reconnect and be sure not to lose yourselves. Thought to have great long-term benefits, babymoons […]

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Singapore city skyline

Singing the Praises of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore used to be considered as nothing more than a stop-gap between more glamourous places in far-east Asia. The tiny city-state was never seen as a final destination on anyone’s travels, hardly ever crossing the minds of avid tourists. Over the years though, this perception has changed drastically. Singapore’s somewhat recent position […]

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